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The Expired Listing Mastery Course

Explore the techniques and strategies used by top producers to convert expired listings into fresh inventory that will drive sales, closings, and profit for your real estate business. The Expired Listing Mastery Course includes 8 Video Lessons paired with 12 Instant Action Downloads including field tested scripts, letters, emails, text messages, social media strategies. and a full 17 page PowerPoint Presentation to help you quickly ramp up your listing inventory. This is the system used by Jim to take hundreds of expired listings during his career! 

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Video Lesson: How to Engage Expired Listings 

Studies show two thirds of expired sellers re-list their home within 30 days of coming off the market and many of them reduce their price at the same time! Watch this video to learn why expired sellers change agents, scripts for setting appointments, and the power of asking the right questions at the right time.

Instant Action Downloads: 

21 Master Level Questions to Ask Expired Listing Sellers to Help Them Dump their Emotional Bucket

Ten Field-Tested Expired Listing Scripts to Quickly Set Appointments, Take More Listings, and Close More Sales 

Video Lesson: Dealing with Emotional Sellers

Once you have taken the time to LEARN where expired sellers are coming from, and why they are so frustrated or angry you will be in a much better position to take their listing. Why? Because unlike most agents you took the time to listen and to understand their challenges. Watch this video to explore how using the LEARN technique can unlock the door to diffusing emotional sellers.

Instant Action Downloads: 

How to Deal with Emotional Sellers Using the LEARN Technique and the Feel, Felt, Found Strategy

How to Master a Three Step Technique for Overcoming ‘Knee Jerk’ or Early Minor Objections with Expired Listing Sellers 

Video Lesson: The Power of Letters

How can you be sure to touch every expired listing seller? For some agents the secret is using the power of letters. Expired listing letters can be sent by anyone on your team and they can be an easy way to begin adding listing appointments to your calendar. Watch and learn the best practices to maximizing your return on investment when sending letters to this targeted audience.

Instant Action Download:

10 Expired Listing Letters that Deliver Appointments, Listings, and Closings to Superstars Daily 

Video Lesson: Understanding New VS Old Expired Listings

The few agents in your market that are strong enough to prospect expired listings almost always target new expired listings. Very few, if any ever target old expired listings instead they just move on to the new crop of expired listings to hit the hot sheet each day. This is a massive opportunity. Watch and learn how you can target hundreds or even thousands of sellers in your market that will be highly likely to cycle back to the market in the coming months.

Instant Action Download:

How to Target Legacy Expired Listings and Open Up a New Channel of Seller Prospects, New Listings, and Closings! 

Video Lesson: Using Social Media Marketing to Target Expired Listings

The best way to earn instant credibility and trust with any client is to be referred by a friend, relative, or colleague. So how can we use this strategy to enhance our expired listing prospecting success? One way is to harness the power of social media marketing. Watch and learn how to unlock the door to more appointments, listings, and closings using social media marketing to target expired listings!

Instant Action Download:

How to Use Direct Message Social Media Marketing to Set Appointments with Expired Listing Sellers 

Video Lesson: The Expired Listing Presentation – Meeting Preparation

When meeting an expired listing seller, it’s important to understand that they are going measure you against their last agent. Because of this it’s critically important to come prepared. This means you will have done deep research on the property and the client before you have arrived. Watch and learn how superstars prepare for expired listing appointments and how they set the stage for success with a pre-listing kit.

Instant Action Downloads:

Customizable Expired Listing PowerPoint Presentation (17 Stunning Pages) 

Expired Listing Presentation Meeting Scripts to Close Every Appointment into a Listing! 

Video Lesson: The Expired Listing Analysis

For our coaching students we have built a tool for helping expired listing sellers discover what went wrong the first time around and more importantly put you in a position to take the listing – it’s called the Expired Listing Analysis. Watch and learn how to introduce the concept and the power of asking the right questions to uncover the seller’s hot buttons as well as gaps in their last agents marketing plan.

Instant Action Download:

The Expired Listing Analysis System to Set More Appointments, Close More Listings, and Sell More Homes! 

Video Lesson: The Pricing Discussion

The number one reason why any listing fails to sell is the price. The good news is that almost all Expired Listing sellers know at some level that they need to do a price adjustment when they relist the property. The key is to identify a pricing strategy that will generate the most interest. Watch and learn how to have a pricing discussion that will help you to take the listing at a competitive price which will generate showings and offers.

Instant Action Download:

Price Band Market Activity Scripts to Massively Increase Showings on Your Listings

Price Band Excel Worksheet to Quickly and Easily Break Down Your Local Market

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Lead Generation Secrets of Top Producers - 90 Minute Seminar 

Watch as Jim leads his own team through 90 minutes of powerful lead generation strategies including hot zone farming, expired listings, for sale by owners, relocation, investor marketing and much more. Don't miss the rare opportunity to see Jim coaching his own superstars to build their business! 

Bonus #2
10 Cold Texting Scripts Expired Listing Sellers

52% of sellers today are first time home sellers. These sellers are most likely millennial's. Their #1 method of communication - texting! Engage them where they are - on their phone! 

Bonus # 3
Make Millions Selling
Real Estate

Discover how Jim moved from being a college drop out to becoming listed in the top 1% of agents nationwide by focusing on listings and building raving fans! 

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Real Estate Presentations That Make Millions

Learn the secrets of becoming a master presenter by modeling top producers. Never lose a listing or a buyer by mastering the art of presentation. 

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"Jim Remley is an amazing coach and trainer! He presents material in a very organized and easy to follow manner. He engages the audience and moves through his presentation seamlessly and efficiently while taking time to answer questions. When you attend one of Jim’s coaching/training sessions you can feel confident that you will walk away with valuable ideas and tools for your business that you can implement immediately!"

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"Jim speaks from the heart, provides practical real world steps, and challenges me to get out of my own way. Jim’s light hearted approach challenges me to fully ‘show up’ with confidence and be the best at whatever I choose to devote myself to. Jim is a skilled facilitator, a thoughtful listener and a straight shooter that wants the best for his team, his clients, his friends."

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Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is very few agents in any market target Expired Listings consistently (in general less than 1% of the agent population). So by embracing this market area you instantly eliminate 99% of your competition. The agents that do focus on Expired Listings often approach sellers without a plan to follow through or a system to build value. By using the Expired Listing Mastery System you will have a key advantage. 

2/3 of Expired Sellers will relist their home within 30 days of coming off the market the first time. This means that you have an amazing opportunity to build your inventory quickly by focusing on sellers who actually want to sell their homes! The only question is who are they going to list with - you or your competition? 

Yes, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Here is how it works if after watching the 8 Lesson Video Series and downloading all 12 Instant Action Downloads you don't feel we have delivered a complete system for targeting Expired Listings send us an email and we will refund your entire investment.


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