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Merchandising Listings
How to Price, Package, and Position Listings to Sell Quickly

Hosted by Real Trend Top 500 Broker Jim Remley 
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The Market is Changing

Housing inventory continues to increase both locally and at the national level. More inventory means more competition for buyers, showings, and offers. How do you position or re-position your listings to compete in an increasingly crowded market? By learning how to merchandise your listings! 

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What You Will Learn:

Search Engine Pricing Strategies 
Price Band Models and Straddling Markets 
Trend Based Pricing VS Comp Based Pricing 
7 Surprisingly Simple Scripts to Discuss Price & Product with Sellers 
Feedback Loops to Drive Price and Condition Conversations 
Story Boarding Your Listing 
Emotional Ad Writing – Copy Writing 101
The Director’s Chair - Staging the Home 
Red Flags - Re positioning Quickly

Learn from REAL Trends Top 500 Broker Jim Remley 

 Jim is an active real estate broker leading a team of 160 active Brokers in Southern Oregon. His team is on track to close $1 Billion dollars over the next 18 months! His mission is curating the best content, tools, scripts, emails, texts, and strategies to help you build a referral based business. 

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